HR Analytics

Recruiting Analytics

Talent Transformation Labs believes that a single candidate profile cannot predict success for any industry, any company and any position. Our solution is uniquely mapped to identify candidates who are compatible with your vision, values and culture. These are the candidates who are predisposed to become your most successful, long term team members.

TTL will work with your team to generate an exhaustive list of job competencies, past experience, education and achievements that are suspected to be drivers of performance. A survey of current employees will be used to statistically validate the true drivers of performance in your organization.

Questions about factors that cannot be linked to performance will be eliminated, providing a succinct, customized, effective survey for future applicants.

The data collected through the surveys will be analyzed to generate a predictive model of performance. Once the predictive model has been configured and its effectiveness has been proven for your organization, the system is ready to be deployed. Either way, scoring is performed in real time ensuring that your recruiters can give their immediate attention to the very best candidates.

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Planning is the business process for ensuring that an organization has suitable access to talent to ensure future business success. Access to talent includes considering all potential access sources (employment, contracting out, partnerships, changing business activities to modify the types of talent required, etc.). By talent is meant the skills, knowledge, predisposition and ability to undertake required activities including decisions making. The cycle of workforce planning includes filling resource requests, analyzing resource utilization, forecasting capacity, managing and identifying the resources (human) to fill that capacity.

TTL’s focus is to analyse current and historical employee data to identify key relationships among variables and use this to provide insight into the workforce they need for the future. Workforce analysis usually includes reviewing employee recruitment, promotion and turnover patterns.

TTL’s workforce analytics provides context to workforce planning efforts by ensuring perceived workforce behaviours are consistent with actual behaviours identified using a more quantitative approach. TTL follows five fundamentals activities that most workforce plan models have:

  • Environment Scan
  • Current Workforce Profile
  • Future Workforce View
  • Analysis and Targeted Future
  • Closing the gaps

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